Friday, July 22, 2011

Channeled Poem from Delphia, through Eve, Summoned to Bleed, 7-22-2011

As aligned with divine power
all bars of thought heed.
The claws of fierceness have
been summoned to bleed
the pressure of resistant force
out of the wounds,
as new forthright direction
itself is a seed,
for new more pure strains
of thought and deed join,
and ignored fortitude
comes from the groin.
The very seat of power under glass
as shattered and rocketed out of our ass.
The shock, and discomfort of just such a secret,
disturb complacency much like the egret,
disturbs the quiet waters carefully at first,
then snaps up the target
a fierce accurate burst.
Beautiful from a distance
but socially muddled
as carefully played
as divine wit is puddled.

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