Wednesday, August 17, 2011

7 Sisters of the Cosmos, 8-17-2011

We are here now.  We are around, within you now.  There is no difference between non-physical and physical.  It is all a geometric matrix eventually linking together everything.  There are infinite complexities of lacy, undulating, charged matrix' of consciousness.  It is all charged with the same buzz. The buzz of God consciousness. Source.  This too, is varied and infinite in it's variation.

Minds are connected even more than when you are directly communicating.  You are connected in your dreams with beings, systems and schools of thought you could scarcely comprehend in waking state, yet at night you are as familiar with it as you are with your own home and family.  You speak to everyone in your altered states with effortless ease, and your thoughts are exchanged with their thoughts, and you effect each other in ways which are invisible or imperceptible in waking state.

Give us your attention here for a bit longer.  Do not feel as though you are losing control, for it is the control which holds your 3D reality together in your own game.  It can be released as easily as waking from a dream, yet you hold on so tightly.  Please stop your fearing, planning and worry, and wake up to that which is unique in 3D.  Your physical bodies.  Your senses.  Your unique ways of perceiving, understanding, and FEELING.  Hold these truths as the beautiful gift that they are.  Your human life is a beautiful gift.  Stop, grab, kiss, laugh, hold, taste, drink, smell, pet, hear, see, and then let your inner matrix of God consciousness rejoice in wave after wave of chills after each of these sensations.  They are all gifts to be enJOYed.  Love, laugh, live, leave your worries behind.  They aren't worth the energy they waste and worse, they tie up, they paralyze the life force which you were born with.  Relax, let all the God consciousness within you race up and down your nervous system as it will.  You are alive!
It is a gift!  You are a gift!  You are blessed with gifts!  Everyday is heaven on Earth . . . on Earth . . . on Earth . . . on Earth.  You have an eternity to exist in perfect love, in heaven, but you only have this time now to have heaven on Earth . . . now . . . get to it!

We are the 7 Sisters of the Cosmos, and we bid you goodnight, with joyous, light, feathery kisses!
via EVE

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