Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Channeled Night Reading for Sleeping, 8-16-2011

We begin by integrating your mind into the plasma of lighter consciousness.  Let it float into a less attached cloud of softness, deeper, longer breathes.  Drop your breathes suddenly to release.  This resets your heart rate to slower, softer, longer.  Sit comfortably and begin to adjust neck and spine as feels right.

Fit for royalty, fit for you, fit for God, so are you.  Fit for abundance, fit for fame, fit for jolliness, lose the shame.  Squashing shame, regret, guilt and disappointment under velvety cushions of luxury and ease.

Watch as they quiet down, under the soft, cushion of that which melt them easily away.  Relax into the soft breezes of timelessness, and into the expansiveness of night.  Hear any noises as apart from you, comforting you, as they promise stability and security.  They surround you with the knowing that all will be the same when you awaken, with a fresh coating of light.

Self is such nonsense, thoughts are not real, judgments are ridicule about sex appeal.  Open your heart now, to all that are yours, and hold more space now for them this love is your core.  Open your chest, open your heart, open your mind to engulf all we are.  All we are capable of, all that we feel, all that we care about healthy and real.  All that is wicked, and worrisome's fake, as we melt into Oneness, which is our great fate.

Simply the best of the Universe stash, quickly into our mind, better than hash.  The spiritual healing of the natural high, is superior to everything  . . . why would we lie?  Softer than soft now, feel fuzzy and so, sleep with the Angels and now off you go.  :)

Loving you,
Your guides.

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