Saturday, August 6, 2011

7 Sisters of the Cosmos, 8-6-2011

Hello Dear One,

We are the 7 sisters of the Cosmos.  We are ascended masters who wish to enrich your understanding of the Goddess energies arising now and about to engulf the Earth.  For those who despise war, for those who see the insanity of poverty, and the enslavement of the public by the very wealthy few, this should fall upon your ears as rare rain in the desert.  If you simply hold what we are about to disclose in your mind's eye, you will help to create this reality faster and faster as you immerse yourself into the concepts.

Firstly - Abandon your patterns of being target audience consumers.  Cheat on your own "profile" and become a statistic that confounds and disobeys existing categories of consumer behavior.

Secondly - Forsake something that only yesterday you regarded as necessary.  Shut down extra credit cards that have no balance.  Keep only one card and pay it down as you use it, or focus on eliminating the balance.  You will be eliminating the hold that the financial sector has on you.  Be FREE.  Be efficient.  Be conscious, be creative!

Thirdly - Limit your intellectual, emotional and third eye pollution, by cutting cable, watching only that which you want to watch for free on your computer.  Eliminate contact with friends or acquaintances who confuse, contaminate and spread gossip or judgments against your hair, body, health or financial security.

We are with you always, in orbit as you process your world, fill your days, dream your dreams and we encourage you to intentionally propel images and feelings which you DO like, which DO bring you JOY, which DO bring you HOPE, and plant them in the garden which is your immediate future.

Holding fertile space for your gardens, and helping to tend to your fertility of creation, love and abundance.

7 Sisters of the Cosmos,
via EVE

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