Sunday, August 7, 2011

Channel, Erotic Nature of Goodness, Pleiadian Council of Nine, 8-7-2011

Hello dear one,

We speak with you today concerning a delicious subject.  We wish to radiate to you the concept of a surprising fuel for eroticism . . . Goodness!!  Yes, the surprising erotic nature of Goodness and Light!

We are the Pleiadian Council of Nine, here, at your service.

To be complacent about your sexuality is to be dead.  To be drawn back from the fires of the force that drives the Universe is madness!  Why do you insist on withholding that which you long for and never seem to achieve?  Why do you insist upon looking in every dark nook and cranny for ecstasy?

Herein lies the secret, dear ones.  When you become willing to connect to Source, or be re-connected to Source energy, you will at this moment begin to be filled with a finer energy of love.  A finer energy of sexual vitality, appetite, joy, and exhilaration.  Erotic bliss is not found in torture, enslavement or risk.  Erotic bliss is found by plugging in, tuning in, giving in, to the fundamental life force which created you, and which is the very embodiment of the human orgasm.

You are shielded from this energy by the trappings of commerce, media, and the chatter of other humans.  Chatter which is in your head from this life and from previous.  Chatter from humans you simply overheard.  Chatter from that which you have read.  Chatter, chatter, chatter . . . . and talking dirty?  Please!  (laughing)
These are very long routes to a destination which holds only a disappointing, and inferior experience, or imitation of erotic bliss.

Judgement of yourself, and judgement of others, where their physical, economic and familial expectations exist.  Sexuality is where you go alone.  Not with your family, not with your friends, not with your magazine images, not with inferior representations of sexuality.  Not even with your partner at first.  You, and you alone must hold this love of beauty, love of self, love of expression, love of care for another, love of life!  This is the prana which you must fill within yourself, and then express excess joy and love to another.  Another human, who is beautiful to you from the very beginning!  Someone who looks like a sun god or sun goddess to you.  Someone who makes you feel silly all the time! Someone who looks like the mother of everything!  Someone who could lead believers up a mountain or hold you in an orb of peace and acceptance! Someone who is messy, earthy and real!  Someone who is angelic in behavior and whose heart beams joy and brightness!

If your very tissue is dehydrated by life, dehydrated by responsibility, dehydrated by thoughts of incompleteness, how can you function sexually?  How can you radiate joy?  How can you live?  Are you not in effect dying?  Offering yourself as a pawn so that others can live?  Be ruthless, my dear ones . . . be decisive, and act as if your life is at stake.  Do whatever is necessary to free yourself from whatever you feel in you heart is bondage in your life.  Be honest, make the decisions alone, disconnect from resistance and controversy, and go . . . go to your freedom.  Go get connected.

The sunshine, the warm smell of earth and nature.  The frigid crystalline beauty of snow and ice!  The magic of living in a snowglobe!  The beauty, the magic, the acceptance and kindness of the Universe and all of the Light Beings who stand by waiting for you to awaken, promise a silky, satin wrapped gift of divine ecstasy and freedom.  Your ecstasy feeding the Universe and blending into all that is, and creating anew that which isn't . . . YET.

We leave you with this as food for new ideas, and we invite you to dream with us at night.  We only need your permission!

In divine love, and blinding light,
the Pleiadian Council of Nine

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