Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Channel from Mars, 8-10-2011

Hello dear one, we are here again as you begin to get your footing through this medium.  You are now in your element, and we are by your side, and are ready for transmission to you now.

We are the the planet you refer to as Mars.  We have been there for many thousands of years.  The time in which we have been on Mars, is not a ratio which is really applicable to your understanding of this message.  View it in the way of those who watch over you from dimensions afar.  View it in a way which will cause a feeling of warmth to envelope you in protection.  Feel our presence as finer energies.  Feel our presence, feel our presence, feel our presence, don't THINK about it.  :)

Now then, to get back to the message.  You are in for a ride of a lifetime, and we caution you to turn away from fear based campaigns designed to distract you from your own path.  Your path on Earth now is to hold the higher consciousness as a golden sun shining on all to comfort and focus the energies of kindness, love, and forthright progress to ascension 

The ascension process is painless, seamless, and nearly undetectable, as you transfer tiny step by tiny step into another age.  Another age of prosperity, another age of light, love, acceptance, and co-creation.

Violence is theater, dear ones.  Turn your face away, as you solidly hold your space in the light.  Solidly hold your space in the light.  As far as the economy goes, play your cards wisely, my friends.  Do not give your dollars to the dark ones who have ruled over you for thousands of years.  Hold your own hand of currency, until you may cash it in on food, necessities of 3D, and then trade it in on the new currency, as it emerges soon.  The higher your consciousness, the sooner the new currency.  There are major world economies which are not your enemies, but who in fact are aligned with the light, and are ready to commence to DOING this new currency project.  You must wait until the dark ones hang themselves with the rope they have already. They are fumbling buffoons . . . blind to the internet consciousness wielding its power to the resourceful, adaptable public, who collectively, has become it's own entity, which they cannot manage.

We are sending this message to you from Mars, because this is a warring planet.  Fierce yes, but also it's military, conquering aspect is obsolete.  We want you to know we are here, transforming what it was to what it will be.  A base of what was once thought to be the playful, extra-terrestrial capital of futuristic dreams and progress!

Broadcasting our light, and power to you and yours,

The Light Convergence, on the non-military base of Mars.
Good day.

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