Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Channeled Poem, Awakening's Hook, 8-10-2011

The denseness of life here is all burning off.
The glaze of ego is fighting to scoff,
as I step forward into the day
as a rough example I'm caught in the fray,
of not even caring what others might think
I'm past the debates and am not on the brink,
but not caring half a wit about a debate,
because what I see is a totally straight
version of truth and simplicity through
the endless variety of complexities new,
and proving why would I, there is no real need
to validate anything that I will seed.
Those who I meet are completely as free
to turn the page quickly or fast to see need
of the interesting ways in which questions dry up,
and one is left with completion abrupt.
It doesn't take years and it doesn't take books,
this mystical moment is awakening's hook.
Swallow it whole and make your appeal,
but it will fall short of a complete meal.
You'll joyfully interpret your own signposts on
your own path to Light and the new Golden Dawn.

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