Sunday, August 21, 2011

Channel, The New Sexuality, Pleiadian Council of Nine 8-21-2011

There is a great interest, as there should be, in the new sexuality on your planet.  This for now, will be most often envisioned by the population, as most are not in a position to fully adopt or practice these new behaviors.  The new behaviors are largely based upon keeping yourself from forming cords of attachment to people, or seeking to do so.  The next behavior to change would be the behavior of searching for sexual partners or people to "date" as you say.

We find your true intentions far different from what you presume to be looking for.  What you would really like, from our perspective, is less domination, less ownership, more freedom, more sex with people you can easily enjoy, and fewer responsibilities for the other person's domestic circumstances.  We believe you really want fun, laughter, the feeling of vitality and the enjoyment of new adventures with a person you are attracted to.  You want more spark in your life, and you can imagine how it would make your life force fuel burn hotter, and cause everything to look a little more beautiful in your eyes.  All situations improve through the eyes of those who love.

When you pursue these "dating" behaviors, either by always being on the lookout for someone you are "supposed" to meet, or forcing yourself to make advances, or belonging to dating sights, we see negative things happening as a result.  We see people becoming self conscious of their age, looks, pictures, income, and we see them writing many criteria which their conquests must fit.  The more bad experiences they have, the more criteria they subject their suitors to and the more bleak the outcome seems to be.  From our perspective, it is disheartening to market yourself.  It is disheartening to try to compare yourselves with "competition", and it is disheartening to either feel like everyone wants a piece of you, or that no one is responding to you, or that people you don't find appealing are responding to you.  It is a process that damages your cosmic egg, and lets your vital life force leak out.  It causes you to become less authentic than you were before.  It becomes like a full time job.

(Delphia, Ascended Master, Reptoid Goddess Archetype has interjected the following paragraph)
You are not giving your human reproductive instincts, telepathy or intuition a shot in this game you are playing.  It is sterilized by the computer program, and killed off by self consciousness and ego.  This is why you humans have problems reproducing and are having sexual experiences which lack any animal simplicity and root chakra satisfaction. Your human instincts and intuition will take all the guessing out of the game, if you shut your mind off, shut off fear, and just BE HUMAN BODIES.  Be a sum of your colony of cells and what they require to thrive and survive.  Trust your body, not your mind.

We are not saying there is never success or joy here, but simply the positive outcomes don't usually last.  They are not sustainable because of what we have already mentioned above, and further, that the dating site is always there, calling and delivering a grid of images, another grid of images, another grid of images with another grid of information, and another grid of information that you compare with another grid of information, geographic location, and time, level of interest, and scheduling the coffees, and the questions . . . . the delays in communication, the scrutiny of them, their scrutiny of you . . . it begins to all meld together, but yet it is activity, and that level of activity can become hard to walk away from . . . for long.

The positive aspect that we see is the joy and acceptance people feel in communicating with various other people online before they meet, or in some cases if they are unable to meet.  From our perspective, it seems you want acceptance, security and wholeness to be a result of this.  The connection and communication is also very satisfying and is usually what lasts from some of these meetings.

We are inviting you to imagine yourself communicating with many people each day who admire you for other reasons other than the fact that you are single.  Imagining yourself connected with many people who are interesting, have good ideas, ideas you share, and who express without competition, that which makes them happy in life or that which they have felt, gotten inspiration from or solutions to things which you find helpful.  This is your full, whole life of laughter, strong interest, and sustainable expansion and joy.  This will never end.  It is something that only expands effortlessly every day, without strategy or spin.

Next, imagine your sexuality happening rather unexpectedly from anyone who might be around you for other reasons during the day.  Imagine it happening when you are LEAST expecting it, without you being on the lookout for it.  Imagine someone is hungry for a bag of chips, and you are the kind of chips they like and they grab you.  Imagine this being from unlikely people, but not threatening people, just those you wouldn't think of.  Imagine afterwards, feeling as if you had received a really unexpected gift that day, and musing how magical life is.  Even when you don't try, what you need "happens to you".

It is only important that you begin to envision this, and not necessary to act on it.  Does it make you feel good to think about it?  If so, keep thinking about it.  If not, change the details of how you are thinking about it until it does make you feel good to think about it.  By having these thoughts which are disconnected from programmed dating, disconnected from television, disconnected from the computer, disconnected from what you've always heard, you are streaming live thoughts into the collective consciousness, and by feeling good about thinking it, you are in fact setting yourself up for it to happen through simple laws of attraction, and the individuals who are in your range of vibration will show up for the experience, and everyone else will be effortlessly weeded out.

This is all for this transmission.  Now it is time for you to turn on your third eye and start envisioning.

Good day,
The Pleiadian Council of Nine

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