Thursday, August 18, 2011

Channel Ruby Light Beings #2, 8-18-2011

We are the Ruby Light People, here to communicate via Eve.  We are in your vicinity, watching out for you, looking after you, caring for you, hoping to instill a great sense of well being and calmness which will be a protective coating over any unpleasantness you may witness in the news or from others.  There are other humans in your network with the intention of looking out for you, guarding you, and making sure you know everything you need to know about the world's changes and significant political, as well as system-wide cracks.  These souls are well meaning, and we invite you to accept their information, but keep enough distance from it so that you can in fact put the pieces together objectively and not feel fear or panic within your vibration.  Keep your vibration stable and continue to watch what all is unfolding now.  It will be very interesting, astounding, and from our perspective a sign of sure progress towards our motivation, which is ushering in the new Golden Age of peace and rational, loving consciousness in your sphere.  If you choose to stay or go, it will be a spectacle either way.

Know as you sleep that we watch over you beings of light and we are incapable of error, my dear ones.
We will become even more pleased, when we see that the knowledge of our presence allows you to have a deep sense of safety and knowing that all is indeed well.  Sound familiar?  We are unified, remember?  We send patterns of light equal and similar in geometry to your heart chakras, and until the next of many more transmissions, we bid you a peaceful good night.

The Ruby Light Beings,
via EVE

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