Thursday, August 25, 2011

Channeled Poem, The Cream of Adaptation, 8-25-2011

To truly put my finger on
what it is to now awaken,
I stumble over mentioning,
the paths that I have taken.
For why on Earth would anyone,
with any sense at all,
want to hear the past
as if it even mattered now.

Stories can be boring,
and lead some to misread,
what the pure true message is
and the feelings I will seed,
are whole and simple concepts,
and you needn't believe at all.
For what I am a witness of
is you can create your now,
the new version of you
is waiting to be sewn.

Pretend until you get there,
be happy in between,
and before you know it
past stories won't rise up with the cream.
The cream is your adaptation,
the cream is what you do,
the cream is thinking broader
than the others in the zoo.
They are the domestic,
you have gone back wild.

Fully use your instincts
and sniff the wind for clues.
The devil's in the details,
don't bother sifting through,
the reasons do not matter,
nor the people who wronged you.

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