Thursday, September 1, 2011

Channel, the Ruby Light Beings via EVE, 9-1-2011

Hello to you on Earth.  We begin by holding thoughts of sublime peace and perpetual safety now, and through the coming months.  We fully accept and offer our assistance to you through EVE as well as through your own personal attempts to access our vibration of safety, guidance and intuitive reasoning.  This term, intuitive reasoning may sound contradicting to you, but we invite you to ponder its significance.  It is necessary to be solid in your spiritual awareness; solid in your ability to fully adapt to adversity and pursue joy without missing a beat.  We feel strongly your intuitive abilities will continue to strengthen, and our input will be helpful, as we can key into the integral portion of your physiology to upgrade and implement these abilities which were once a natural and normal part of life, but over the centuries, these abilities were forgotten, due to cultural paradigm shifts towards military, organized religion and the confinement of the labors of monetary gain.

Feel fully conscious, feel your ability to own your space, and the space around you as well, if you wish, even if it includes other people, other situations, other circumstances, you can fully engulf, embody, and own all of these as a subset of yourself.  This feeling of expanded consciousness, will in time, become the means by which you, the grounded, heart centered, warriors of light, will stabilize the Earth with the expansive, unconditional love and tranquility of the light.  Within this shared space of light, joyful play and creation,  love can thrive, transforming your planet into the paradise it was originally designed to be.

Bidding you farewell from overhead, we extend our consciousness to you with the intention of broadening your scope of safety, peace and growth in this, the coming of the Golden Age of Earth.

The Ruby Light Beings
via EVE

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