Thursday, September 1, 2011

Channel, Arcturians via EVE, 9-1-2011

Bringing in ourselves to your realm, has been greatly anticipated by our collective.  We are the beings of Arcturius.  We, the Arcturians, mean to dispel any doubts you may have as to our involvement in the unveiling of exo-political changes to your global systems and complete renovation of the priorities which shape your leaderships and commercial projects.  It is in your best interest to detach from traditional politics, and traditional monetary patterns and strategies.  These monetary patterns have led to the ruin of the populous, and the benefit of the heartless few who govern and play you for fools.  Your time is now.  Your day has come.  Your future is bright.  Your heart and soul will now have the advantage, and you will easily shift into being in tune with the new systems, the new currency, the new political grid as ordained from exo-political factions.  This new plan has been perfected and ready for some time now, and will be implemented swiftly, and much to the shock and disbelief of the planet's occupants.

Begin to prepare your minds and imagination for a new reality.  It will be here soon, and all will be well. All is taken into account, no worries are needed, no concerns are valid.  Trust, allow and BE that which you know is coming in your heart.

From the Arcturians
via EVE

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