Friday, September 2, 2011

Channel, The Arcturians via EVE, 9-2-2011

Predestined events do not occur.  Instead, events occur as a natural, universal result of cosmic alignment, and big picture incubation of souls in a veritable petri-dish of experience, choice, and undulating vibrations. We float around and through you undetected, as you insist on being so human.  We patiently await your freewill connections with us, and we patiently await your awakening to high vibration thought, and deliberate creation of your own realities.  Sometimes it takes a reduction in your choices to awaken these instincts, these telepathic abilities, these connections to all that is.  Sometimes it takes a disconnect from all that you have experienced in the past to connect with all that is.

It is a beautiful game to watch, no matter what the outcome.  It is meaningful, timeless, and indeed nothing is new under the sun.  Your philosophers and masters of the past are hidden from you, as you reinvent the wheel over and over.  Then after coming to your own conclusions, you see the wisdom of others who are ancient in your perception and a feeling of connection to all of the past occurs.  We wish now to forge a connection between you and your present, and in doing so, invite you to actively create your futures through making conscious choices of loving, beautiful things over fearful and sarcastic things.  Stop your ingrained thoughts in their tracks, and say "no more" to them, as you deliberately choose a better thought instead.

Leaving you now in a state of pondering these truths and our blessings to you at this time of shift, as you stand on the mount of epic change and new gorgeous horizons.   Release the butterflies!

Yours in alignment and inspiration,
The Galactic Federation of Light
The Arcturians via EVE

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