Friday, September 2, 2011

Sekhmet, Egyptian goddess, channel via EVE 9-2-2011

Greetings, my warrior sister.  It is I, Sekhmet, coming to you from the realm of the sun, as your chief, fierce ally and symbol of pestilence.   In your day and age, my decisive fury and volatile actions are not familiar.  You can only imagine the violence and callous selection I am capable of inflicting on those who defy the Law of One.  There are the diplomats, and then there is me.  I will cut down all who deny and hold themselves separate from the One, the Unified Consciousness, the Sun, the Moon, the mysticism of the fungus, the purity of crystalline light, piercing the darkness now with ferocious determination and without the luxury of negotiation.

You appear to me as a fierce One, and you have endured the fury of  injustice for being pure and strong.  Now, ride with me in this final push for cleansing and purification of Gaia.  Now fly swiftly with me, as we render impotent, the traditional ideas and subjugation of the paternal culture of profit based wars, and the wasteland of materialism as it pulses from the televisions of the unconscious ones who sit on couches instead of thrones . . . who watch games and competitions instead of actively participating in what makes a true man or a heroine out of a common human.

My ideals are clear.  Oneness, purity, Goddess power, fierceness of purpose and the absolute accurateness of every strike and quest.  Together we will make the death of the gluttonous, a swift and decisive act of consciousness, and we won't look back as we then go forward with no resistance.

Welcome to the new Golden Age, welcome to your age, welcome to your purpose, your bliss, your sweet and deserved victory.  Enjoy the summit of heroines, the power of the female breasts, generous honoring of the kind, pure and courageous men and women who stand with you and share the glory.

In mightiness and steadfast razor sharp decisiveness,
Sekhmet, Daughter of RA
via EVE

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