Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Channel, Alpha Centaurians, via EVE 9-7-2011

May we join with you and your friends on Earth?  We are indifferent to that which is normally channeled and we strive to provide a more interesting message than just the usual.  So, to begin with, let us justify our means of introduction.  It is our belief, that those of you who are seeking the light are doing so because you have echos of religious upbringing.  You may not have bought into the religious training you were given as a child, but some seed, some sliver of unworthiness lingers, because your culture frowns on those who are not Christian, and is suspicious of all other religions, so you have always felt the outsider.

Let us stop this feeling of unworthiness right now.  You are bold, brazen, courageous and cannot be made to follow that which is untrue, that which does not ring crystal clear in your soul.  YOU are the reason we are transmitting now.  YOU are the reason we defy other messages, and want to enliven your reason for going with the Light and for being of service to others.  YOU are the saviors, YOU are the angels, YOU are the army, the miracle, the destiny of goodness.  YOU are the son and daughters of God, YOU are God, YOU are of God, but more importantly, GOD is not what you may still think either.

GOD is a vapor which permeates everything.  GOD is a net from which and into which everything is born and is supported.  GOD is the shape, the scent, the feeling of being.  GOD is how you are a being, you are being GOD.  We know this is a little off setting for you.  You are not used to hearing things of this nature, but we are here to shake things up.  We are here to shake you into FULLY awakening into your divinity.  Together you are a tsunami, together you are the second coming of the Lord, together, you are the cream rising from the depths of humanity as gods and goddesses poised to lead, feed, and speed this ascension process up.

Ascension is a big event.  It isn't a dream, it isn't a myth, it isn't a fairy tail, it isn't just another prophecy written about, falling flat and then forgotten, ascension is the reason we are all here in this cosmic theater to witness, to cheer on, to assist, to revel in the glory of it . . . to see the spectacle, to witness your triumph, to welcome you back to us.  We are here to welcome, not tease, not criticize, not placate.

Step into this role of roles, step into your new toga, your new laurels, your new metamorphosis of dynamic heroism and seed others with your optimism, your purity, your passion, your idealistic paradigms . . . . the world is hungry for it.  Wake them up, be their morning coffee, be the stimulant.  Shine, sheppard, and speak the pureness of the new Golden Age, and let's watch the dawn together!

We are the Cohesive Cooperative of Concerned Alpha Centaurians.

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