Wednesday, September 7, 2011

One Hour of Connection with the Realm of the Gods, via EVE 9-7-2011

  • These quotes are all fresh from the realm of the Gods, my pretties, get them while they're hot! --EVE
    about a minute ago ·  · 

  • Inches and gallons of life in the flesh, balance my desires and connections will mesh. --EVE Featherstone
    2 minutes ago ·  · 

  • Miracles, stations of stars in the glow, manage my life as your seeds I'll sure sow.
    --EVE Featherstone
    3 minutes ago ·  · 

  • Frivolities, sweetness, giggles and tease, make me the object of life if you please.
    --EVE Featherstone
    5 minutes ago ·  · 

  • Facts, figures, and instruments of measurement are simply distractions to the magic, magesty and Oneness of this Universe. Step out of this toy-box, and play with the big boys, rest in the arms of the goddess, fly with the mighty warriors of light and sing the songs of the ancient, for you are ancient. --EVE Featherstone
    5 minutes ago ·  · 

  • Visionaries work with their eyes closed, seeing with their third eye, and feeling the truths of the situation. They seek not evidence or facts, for these are just the obsolete shells of the process by which progress is attained, and not an answer for anything. --EVE Featherstone
    8 minutes ago ·  · 

  • Simplistic reasoning always trumps the complicated, the debated, the controversial. Simply touch it with your wand of connectedness, and give everyone your verdict. Or disconnect from the issue, and then give us your verdict. Either way is absolute and complete. --EVE Featherstone
    9 minutes ago ·  · 

  • Monuments to nature, tributes to Source, the offering of your trust and allowance become the spirit rituals of NOW. Let these quickly transform your life. --EVE FEatherstone
    12 minutes ago ·  · 

  • Let sincere intentions be the entourage with which you enter any situation, and you will be very powerful indeed. This power of purity and goodness trumps any other vibration, but is seen only by those who you want in your dimension, and by no one whom you don't. --EVE Featherstone
    14 minutes ago ·  · 

  • Fear melts off like wax, leaving only the flame of your true intentions lighting the darkness for all to see. --EVE
    44 minutes ago ·  · 

  • Municipal allowing, governmental forgiveness, financial bounty, limitless intimacy, beauty and bliss shining on you 24/7 from the sun and moon . . .this is your future. --EVE
    45 minutes ago ·  · 

  • Simple, kind and stunningly beautiful is the geometric center of each of you, and if you need to ask Source to show this to you, your guides will be happy to assist.
    Give permission, relax, disconnect and allow them to show you how loved, beautiful and pure you are. Hear the crystal pure intentions ringing like music from your innocent heart, and forgive all that you perceive as impure and release it to Gaia. --EVE
    46 minutes ago ·  · 

  • Minus your ego, minus your possessions, minus your career, minus your rational mind, minus your responsibilities, who are you? Perhaps you are in the perfect position to find out? Give permission to your guides, sit back relax, and feel the love. You are ONE with everything, and everything is ONE with you. No need for fear, or purposeful selection, the good, the best, the better of everything will come right to your heart. --EVE
    49 minutes ago ·  · 

    • You like this.

  • Pinpoint a location, go there and let this place utterly engulf your body in its majesty, peacefulness, music or sound. Take a sound bath in your own life. Just pick a place and do it. --EVE
    53 minutes ago ·  · 

  • No longer worker, no longer a family member, no longer a number, you now are the reason, the center point for the whole cosmos to whirl. Into this vortex of YOU, draw all that you desire, and effortlessly spin OUT anything/anyone else. --EVE
    54 minutes ago ·  · 

  • Make today a reason to indicate to the cosmos your biggest longing in this life. Let it ring quietly and then increase its vibrations until it permeates every crevice of the cosmos and then returns to your heart. --EVE
    55 minutes ago ·  · 

  • Too often there is no reason for joy, yet you who are awake, know joy for no reason . . . JOY itself is the reason for everything else. --EVE

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