Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Channel, Bounty Creators, via EVE 9-6-2011

bounty [ˈbaʊntɪ]
n pl -ties
1. generosity in giving to others; liberality
2. a generous gift; something freely provided

In the interim, between the next phase of ascension and now . . . you will begin to know our presence more and more.  We are the unified field of light known as the Bounty Creators.  We create fields new to you, but accepted and common to other star beings.  These fields can be used to meet others for knowledge, communication of any sort, and even be used to directly give love to another.  You are in for a great surprise when you learn how to love someone half way around the world from you.  It is an intimate experience which lingers and can be fed upon as needed to access this pure energy of love, given from one to another.  Practice, practice practice!  You will find this practice to be uplifting and satisfying.  We are also wanting to initiate contact with you on a regular basis, and to help fill in the modules of thought and deed which you endeavor to complete each day.

When giving of this love from you to another remotely, imagine the energy coming from your solar plexus out.  Alternatively, you may opt to send human sexual energy this way.  To do so would be to envision this energy going directly in the other individual fed into their naval area, and shooting up to their heart, throat, and head . . . literally filling them with love, joy and acceptance.  This is a new field of energy to humans on Earth, and is a gift to you now, to use, share, and teach.

Forever your assistants to long distance love, and global change,
Bounty Creators
via EVE

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