Monday, September 5, 2011

Channeled Poem, Breathless Exuberance, 9-5-2011

I pant and am breathless to forge further on.
To challenge and break through and meet after dawn,
to contemplate new planes, new patterns of thought.
To challenge my mortal self I seemed to have bought
This vehicle long ago and not dropped the reigns
to see what old limits I can shatter if tame.

Exuberant antipation of speed
the riding and riding and riding my steed,
the split second knowing
the direction to take
the instinctual grabbing
for solid strong quakes
the masculine heaviness
the warrior the mane
the galloping onward
the stopping the blade
the glance of vitality
to challenge and spur
the wind song and dance
makes the past but a blur.

This spirit is more than
my body can hold
but I won't let it leave me
I need to be bold.


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