Monday, September 5, 2011

Channel, Pegasus, via EVE 9-5-2011

It is I, Pegasus, the winged Horse God.  I am not sent from the myths of ancient Greece, but rather have never been in the past.  I am omnipresent, as all gods are.  I am as you are, a god of freedom and spiritual poetic conveyance of ethereal sentiments.  These are to be used as a vehicle to transport you to the next level, and the next level, and so on.  It is necessary to transport your mind and heart first before you as an individual can transcend the chains of 3D and come back to the fold of the gods and goddesses, who are now very important, both here in the non-physical, but most importantly in the physical plane, where you hold rare and important connections.  You can help those who are high enough vibrationally to reach out for the next level, and you must swiftly abandon those who resist or who are not striving for and embodying Unity and Love.

Hear now, this important message, for it is you who are in the forefront, and I am your vehicle.  You see how this works?  I am your winged vehicle to feel and behave more like a god than a mortal, and I am your vehicle to the higher levels now.  You are the swift and gallant vehicle for other mortals to lift off gradually and then swiftly as well.  Here we all are, together, ready to transcend.  The clouds, the sun, the wind, the magic of it all, yes, you see?  I am pleased to connect with you now, and in the future, and welcome to your new status as my companion and pet warrior.  With warm acceptance, free and swift passage is yours.  Come with me!

Pegasus, Winged Horse God
via EVE

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