Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Channel, Pleiadian Council of Nine, 9-21-2011

We are the Pleiadian Council of 9, pleased to meet you in this matrix of solid intellect, intention and interface.
You are in good hands here. We are here to fortify the sense of complete, accurate and purposeful channeling.  Our dear channel has passed through a bumpy ascension just now, but she is stronger, more capable, more clear, and in tact to lead you all forward for us, to us, through us, with us, to more and more levels of ascension patterns.  You are moving through beautiful portals, one to the next.  It is a bit turbulent at times, but you have your spiritual matrix here for support, and as always we are pleased to be of assistance.

This little network of light workers is coming along nicely, quickly, and gathering souls as it goes.  So too, are we hoping to gather you and yours along this cosmic magic carpet ride.  We hope you see this as fun, adventurous and full of thrills, spills and safety, as we intend fully for you to keep a light heart and maintain an appropriate disconnect from drama, negativity, duality and conflict.  Seek unity, acceptance and love on your Earthly plane as well as here.

In this matrix of Light, cooperation and instruction, lies a greater influence from the Arcturian realm.  They have staked a bold claim on our channel, and now that she is adjusting more and more to the higher vibration of this, she will be bringing in other messages, notes, news flashes and significant items to present at just the right time, just for you.  It doesn't matter when you read these, it will still be the perfect time for YOU.  :)

In cooperative service as a matrix of clarity, inspiration and direction, we end transmission.
The Pleiadian Council of 9
via Eve Featherstone

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