Thursday, September 22, 2011

Channeled Poem, Cosmic Jewel Temple, 9-22-2011


1. Deprived of or lacking something, esp. a nonmaterial asset: "her room was stark andbereft of color".
2. (of a person) Lonely and abandoned, esp. through someone's death or departure.  More »

Indifferent to time and space is the new level
offering drinks of the cosmic jewel temple.
The temple which lies in a nest of content,
the temple which lies in a lawn freshly wet,
the temple which is in our hearts and above,
the temple which lives with us tethered to love.

Those who are ready to feel this new shift,
will suddenly lift from the pain of bereft
existence in Eden which they now will stand,
taking in beauty and birds in the hand.
--EVE Featherstone

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