Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Channel, Arcturian Representative, Daria, 10-25-2011

I am Daria. I am an Arcturian representative. It is here, and now, that we make a more solid stand on our purpose for contacting you all in this forum, through EVE. Our purpose is clear: to raise the vibration of the leaders in high vibration. From our perspective, the higher the leader's vibration is, the faster and farther they will bring others onward to the light. It is also our perspective which lends the final missing pieces to our channel's deductions and queries regarding the ascension process and the final days of density for those who are on the leading edge of this movement.

It is true, that on October 28, 2011, you will be entering a brand new phase. A shift so complementary to your ascension, that you may find it hard to maintain your old ways of thinking, behaving, reacting, and portraying the character you have always portrayed in this lifetime. Don't waste a moment in this new paradigm, for it is one of jubilation, celebration, light, love, and harmony.

Being as we are, it is difficult to be precise in our guidance, but EVE helps focus our intentions. You will be guided, gifted, and guaranteed safe passage though this portal. Unload, unhitch and forget anything you are perplexed or sullen about. It isn't worth the energy needed to ponder it, as it will be deemed useless and petty in the new Golden Age.

Revel in the courage of the movements in your societies as change envelopes the suffering systems which have impoverished, controlled and manipulated. Join in as you feel it is right, or work on your own corner of the world as you see fit. Do, in any case, project support and jubilation towards these causes, as they will bring a wave of empowerment, joy and satisfaction to the whole planet.

Speak in terms of victory, speak in terms of celebration, speak in terms of playing your part as a graduated alumni of the tests of time. Step out into the new Golden Light of Christ Consciousness now, and for the rest of 2011, as well as 2012. Each of you will attract and absorb information as you need it in the perfect timing for you. Do not worry about others. They are all perfectly on track for their soul's plan, and there is nothing left to do but radiate, communicate, and propagate the new energies of unconditional love, acceptance and harmony.

Be creative with those who you find around you at this time. Everyone will look around them, and make a community or family out of those who are in agreement and harmony with their own beliefs. This is not a time of competition, this is not a time of judgement. This is a time for you all to rest in your niche. You are home. Welcome.

In service through your leaders,
Daria, Arcturian Representative
via EVE Featherstone

Breed specimens of (a plant, animal, etc.) by natural processes from the parent stock.
(of a plant, animal, etc.) Reproduce in such a way: "the plant propagates from stem cuttings".

niche   [nich] Show IPA noun, adjective, verb, niched, nich·ing.
1.an ornamental recess in a wall or the like, usually semicircular in plan and arched, as for a statue or other decorative object.
2.a place or position suitable or appropriate for a person or thing: to find one's niche in the business world.
3.a distinct segment of a market.
4.Ecology. the position or function of an organism in a community of plants and animals.

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