Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Channel, Metatron, Angelic Realm, 10-25-11

Forbidden and direct thoughts are flooding your psychic patterns and images of acts, situations, and mini-plays of disaster run in the background. How can this co-exist with your acts of kindness and purity of heart?

I am Metatron, from the Angelic Realm. Allow me to help you with these thoughts, ease the guilt, shame and quell the struggle you have within yourself.

It isn't your weakness, it isn't your perverse subconscious. It isn't your involvement with sexuality, media or religious incompatibility. It is the fragments of debris left behind by the incineration of trials and experiences from many lives of warfare, and extreme survival mechanisms which you needed, or your ancestors needed at one time or another during their dabbling in Earthly density. It is why you have chosen to experience Earth. It isn't your fault, your savage tendencies, your unmet needs or desires. It is a sedimentary residue. It is waste, and is not judged to be bad or good.

There is no judgement of bad or good in our realm, you see. I know this is surprising to you, but it is the case, none the less. Willingness to own your Oneness, willingness to own your Purity, willingness to own your triumph over the tests of time and density. Your entire purpose is flashing before you eyes, and you can see it as a way of ridding yourself of density and trial, as you enter the crystalline state of Oneness and the glory of the New Eden here on Earth.

All beings of light are here to rejoice at this portal of forgiveness and acceptance for Earth's humanity. Indeed, you too can rejoice anytime an unpleasant thought arises, you feel the truth of ascension and freedom from good and bad deeds, good and bad thoughts, and punishing yourself and then others for one or the other thoughts, beliefs, or actions.

Let this be a present for you on this day. A gift for your birthday. An archetype of triumph and jubilation.

Welcome, dear tested souls, to the Golden Age of Earth. The New Eden.

Metatron, Angelic Realm,
via EVE Featherstone

quell   [kwel] Show IPA
verb (used with object)
1.to suppress; put an end to; extinguish: The troops quelled the rebellion quickly.
2.to vanquish; subdue.
3.to quiet or allay (emotions, anxieties, etc.): The child's mother quelled his fears of the thunder.

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