Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Channel, Arcturian Representative, Arthur, 10-25-2011

Mediating the resistance of humans with the great desire for us to move you along the path quicker is what my purpose is at this time in Earth history/future. You are to us as beloved, scattered gems. We scurry to envelope, usher and warm you with our great love for you.

I am known to our channel as Arthur. I am from Arcturus, which makes me known to you as Arcturian.

Feeling you as I feel myself, I assess your trials and the friction of your everyday lives. I sense the emotions you harbor, and I understand these emotions you deem as authentic and as your own. These emotions which are stored and not expressed, these emotions which are hidden and not acknowledged, these emotions which are blunting your intellect, these emotions which are blunting your human instincts are inherited emotions from your past or your ancestors, and are not valid, authentic emotions. You do not own these. You are carrying these. You are about to get in trouble with the airline for agreeing to hold a dangerous bag which is not your own. You don't even know what is inside it or where it came from, but yet you dutifully hold it.

Feeling is such a gift, dear humans. It is the color and sound of the physical reality. It is the candy of thought, it is the very warm and loving atmosphere which you need to grow and thrive. Yet, your emotion pantries are stocked with junk emotions. You are addicted to them, and they do not nourish you. They fill you up so you aren't hungry for the good emotions. They fill you up with unpleasantness. They give you indigestion of "being". Because of them you cannot digest what is going on around you now. You cannot digest what has happened to you up until this point. You cannot digest the magnitude of what is about to happen to this planet and all of human kind.

I am here to lovingly tease you about your ways, and point out a few things which you cannot see. I do embody a few of you. I lend part of my soul to be housed with your soul so that I can better attend to your needs and report to the collective consciousness what our best and brightest humans are up to now, instead of doing what they came here for in the first place.

It is not possible for me to be with you body and soul if you are not of fairly high vibration in the first place, and so when you drop down a few levels to experience some contrast, I must sit out a dance or two. I am right there, patiently waiting for you to learn, right yourself and then I'll step back in.

This is meant to set an example of how each of you humans out there could be dancing with the stars so to speak. You could have companions of pure light from the pool of beings who are here assisting Earth in its passage to greatness once again. Wake up, wake up, wake up, please. Raise your vibration however you can. Be decisive and eliminate that which dulls your senses. Free your spirit, let yourself out of whatever cages you find yourself. There is no judgement, only forgiveness being shown on you now. Step into the forgiveness of Christ Consciousness, as it shines on your planet as never before. It baths you in forgiveness, light, and creative power.

As I continue to have my "fingers" in your business for awhile, I will continue to chime in and set you back on the right path. I am not alone in this however, and know there are, for each one of you humans, star beings (of light) who want nothing more than to connect with you. They cheer you as you step towards light, simplicity and spirit ritual. Make up your own ritual to connect with us. You can't go wrong. We see your attempts and we respond, in any way we can.

There is a great difference in our vibration as opposed to the vibration many of you are projecting into the universe, so we are limited somewhat, but there are others who are better able to step in, and who are every bit as loving and capable as we, the Arcturians. Those of the Angelic realm are easily able to help you with whatever impasses you encounter, and they only require that you ask them, either from your prayer, your heart, or your sincere words of allowing.

Fare-thee-well, and tune to the higher frequencies.

Arthur, Arcturian Representative
Serving via EVE Featherstone

fare-thee-well (fâr-wl)

1. A condition of utmost perfection: played the part of the martyr to a fare-thee-well.
2. The most extreme degree

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