Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Channel, Archangel Michael, 10-25-2011

Endearing is a term we would use to describe you humans as you strive to choose better thoughts and better states of being. You strive for higher vibrations, and you now are feeling the effects of living most of the time as a high vibration human. It is much different from most regular people, and they can see it in you as they wonder "what is it about that person?"

This is Archangel Michael, and I make my debut in this forum tonight as a fan of Eve's. I feel her wince as she writes this, but it is an example to her and you, of the human trait of unworthiness.

Why wouldn't I be a fan of Eve's? Why is this nearly impossible for her to write? It is a trait which has been hard-wired in your DNA for hundreds of years. As humans, you worship and are lesser than God, Jesus, Saints, and even less than angels . . . or so you have come to believe. When you were a child, you would readily wear a costume of an angel and feel quite natural doing so. You would use magic wands, magic swords, magic rocks, saving feathers, leaves, and all other such tokens of sacred purpose. It was inferred by adults that this was cute, but that these objects were neither valuable, magic or really worth cluttering your room with.

Less is worth more. Less is divine. Less is necessary for more. The simple thought is a brilliant thought. A simple intention is a productive intention. The simple equation proves and personifies how the whole universe operates in perfect balance and yet changes with dynamic purpose. Change and creation are a part of the simple laws of the universe.

Keep eliminating debris from your life until you feel peaceful and until you feel easily capable of taking care of the few responsibilities you have left. Keep eliminating until you feel you are easily able to take good care of yourself, good care of your family, good care of your pets, and good care of the Earth.

There is no artifice in this message. It is simple, you've heard it all before, and it makes perfect sense. You resist because you are still attached to the illusion. I might suggest disconnecting from the illusion now, as it will soon be unable to maintain the secure structure for you that it has in the past. Start being creative, resourceful, practical and really try living well within your means. It is freedom, it is peace, it is space for happiness as well as order.

Very nice speaking with you in this relaxed forum. May you live the sublime bliss of the forgiven, and the joyful exuberance of the released spirit.

Yours in love and truth,
Archangel Michael
via EVE Featherstone

endearing [ɪnˈdɪərɪŋ]
giving rise to love or esteem; charming

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