Sunday, October 2, 2011

Channel, Cosmic Light Beings, 10-2-2011

To begin, we will introduce ourselves as the Cosmic Beings of Light, in a general way to give you a simple focal point, then we will begin transmission.

To you, our Earthly descendants and ancestors, we open with fixated intentions on dictating some truths for your use and ease of transition in these coming days, weeks, months, years.  (depending on when you read this)  In your perception, the cosmic reference is far removed from your daily routine, yet is what some of you depend on for hope and inspiration.  We do hope it is the latter, for inspiration is hard to come by sometimes when it seems as if all events you see now are nothing but reruns of history. Do you not wish for a channel that has new material?

Here in our realm, there is no need for entertainment, as we are fully engaged in regulating and assisting your progress on a grand scale, by your standards.  To us, it is "routine', although we really don't have a routine in anything we do.  We value fresh, spontaneous, non-linear, and we love paradoxes, sequences, the unfolding of blessings and light from arduous processes as we watch your tumultuous planet change right before us.  Indeed it is right before us at times.  We are amid your atmosphere, and we are amid your thoughts, arts and communication.  This truth is important, as it is time to stop imagining us in saucers observing you with our advanced technology and metallic suits.  This is "so not the point" as you would say.  :)  We are amid your thoughts as you become aware of more dimensions, densities and the like.  We are amid your thoughts as you raise your vibration by opening your hearts and imaginations to creating a better world.

An ideal society, a new system, will be born after the failure of capitalism and greed.  If you were as fully engaged with your fellow humans as we are with each other and with you, life would be much different.  Most of your thoughts, worries and dreams revolve around the corporate representations of how things should be, instead of merely enjoying your family and friends without limits.  Enjoying adventures, new things, creativity without limits.  In between you rest in the bliss of how much easier it is than before, how many ideas you can't wait to try out, and the freedom of fewer rules, fewer hoops, fewer worries, and the feeling of health which is let into your body's field when it realizes it is loved unconditionally and provided for in every way.   Imagine the time and energy freed up to create, play, nurture and develop your families, friends, and new society.

Be familiar with us as you realize new focus, new idealism, new frontiers and new fearlessness.  Fitting into this general plasma of life is easy, you simply allow yourself to be brought into alignment, balance, and notice time and space being more accommodating.  Stop struggling, and start creating.  Stop worrying and start having faith.  Stop calculating and start using the slip stream of new frequencies and bliss to your advantage.  It is simple.  Nothing will be as difficult as before.  You intend for it to be easy and fun, and it will be.  You intend to allow all the glories of the Universe to enter your reality and they will.  You allow health to be restored to your body, and your cells will fall into alignment as never before.  Just allow.  Please just allow.

This is enough for one transmission, and we implore you to now stop, allow, and receive.

Good day,
Cosmic Light Beings
via Eve Featherstone

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