Monday, October 3, 2011

Channel, Pleiadian Council of Nine on TOUCH, 10-3-2011

In truth and in hapiness, we bring this transmission to you.  We are the Pleiadian Council of Nine, and we wish to drive home a fundamental truth for your observation and implementation.  It is a whole and unique ability of humans to have a gift so simple and profound for melting away all walls, blocks and anxieties.  It is touch.

Touch is of course unique to you in that you have the physical interface for both giving and receiving this great gift to each other, to your animals, your plants, as well as the touch screens on your technology.  It is your intention which is the filter of divine in this area.  It is your heart which is the power behind this intention, and your open ability to pull down Source energy through your crown chakra and radiate is also a component.

Now, let's go deeper, shall we?  To fully engage yourself with another human in this area of touch, you must first truly hold the intention to heal, comfort, love or soothe another.  Without the intention of this truly and purely held, the touch will be somewhat polluted by concerns of the ego and blocking by the rational mind.

As soon as you conceive the idea to help someone through touch, the energy begins to flow through you, and the person you intend to touch will already get the signal before you begin.  Children, friends, parents, family are easiest to begin trying this intention on.

As humans, touch is an essential need which is going unmet in percentages which are mostly unacceptable to optimum health and happiness for you, and it is now time for you to add this ingredient more and more to your intimate relationships, family, and yes, if you wish, you may offer it at random for no reason to others as well when you can sense it would help.

The first thing to get in alignment with, is the fact that the person you are touching is very sacred.  You are also very sacred.  You will be interacting with another person on this sacred level which is below ego, below gender, below resistance, and below fear.  Source will automatically put the receiving individual into a trance or dream state to allow for deeper connection and healing.  The sacred intention of your touch is all it takes.

Position the person you are going to touch in front of you with their back to you so you can access the whole spinal area.  Let yourself be light about this, loving, and gentle, and with intention simply start wherever you want slowly, gently, and simply play with their back.  Pushing in with your fingertips in a rhythmic way, and allow yourself to go into trance, close your eyes and allow the sequence of intention, touch, healing to play out.  Later, if you feel heat in your palms, you may simply and with sacred intention push your palms straight down on the person and hold as long as it "seems right", then repeat, and allow for as long as that "seems right" and so on.  Trust that this process will be non-linear, NOT symmetrical, and the patterns and pace will resemble natural phenomenons, such as water, natural patterns, the pace of rowing or birds flying, the sequence of multiples and singular larger motions in a playful, easy way.

After some time goes by, you will be astonished at the effect YOU had on the person you touched, and know you touched them on many levels.  This creates new joys, new feelings of completeness and satisfaction in all areas of life for both parties.

Now, get to touching!
Your partners, cheerleaders and facilitators,
The Pleiadian Council of Nine
via Eve Featherstone

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