Friday, October 14, 2011

Channel, IZOD Trilogy, 10-14-2011

IZOD refers to your inner defenses from the tests of time in the context of this essay.

Greetings and well wishes to you, our beloved light workers. This is the Izod Trilogy, introducing to you our perspective, offered to you in light and love.

As your ascension nears, and you have had experiences with shedding negativity now more than ever, and it is not a matter of having negative experiences, but always a choice now to view it as ridding yourself of baggage and burden of negative emotions, experiences, grievances and unresolved issues.

Any problems unsolved by now are going to be shaken, erased, and forgotten. Stop, the test is over.
Stop, it is recess. Stop, it is vacation. Stop, it your birthday. Stop, it is your awakening from the dark and dualistic into the gentleness of being, in this, the New Eden.

Your past, your ancestral past, your subconscious past, is not to be mulled over anymore. It is filed, recycled, and incinerated. It is no longer in toxic storage. It is apart from you. It is no longer your responsibility. It is a by-product of learning and trash leftover from fueling you through the maze. Let those guides who are waiting to do so, take all of this from you.

The past is useless, the past is always that which paints a distorted picture of you. Please do not lead with stories of your past. Please do not lead with stories of persecution, loss, victimization, or disillusionment. These are going to immediately get you where you don't want to be. No exceptions. No more questions. No more interrogation of those you meet. No more confession or disclosure when you first meet someone.

Meet people instead with a fresh radiance of love and interest in their spirit. Meet instead with the intention to be silly, play, and just be. Meet instead with the interest of sharing, caring, and bearing all the light, love and wisdom you have about the NOW.

Ditch your stories. Purposefully re-write a new, current story, and stick to it. Make sure it is impeccable, but that it relays to another the best you are. The cream of the crop. The fruition of life. The summer of your life. The richness of being. The gratitude for connection, the seeding of future gatherings and expansion. Pick the best truth of who you are, and become that fully. The rest will release forever in your dreams with the intention to do so.

We are finalizing this transmission, and add that we are pleased to make a contact as quality as this, and will enjoy watching you transform.

The Izod Trilogy,
via EVE Featherstone

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