Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Channel, Pleiadian Council of 9, New Sexuality Activation 10-12-2011

In present tense power and radiance, we invite you to this transmission on the New Sexuality. We are the Pleiadian Council of 9, pleased to assist, guide and inspire you in this time of lost patterns and misty visability.

Visability or not, you are still moving quickly from your next reality to your next reality to your next reality in rapid succession,(success is the root word of succession) even on a day to day basis. Many of you are allowing the upgrades from Light Beings during your sleep, and this is an efficient way of enhancing progress towards the New Age which is beginning in a few days.

The new sexuality is by far the most interesting to you as humans, and interesting to us as well. As Pleiadians, we enjoy a life of pleasure, joy, laughter, humor (even sarcasm) but only in the spirit of meaning and beauty. We do not mock or judge, we simply find paradox as you do at times, and this is meaningful.

The invitation is just now sent for you to find a place during the day, by yourself, in the sun, in a comfy place, to allow our new energies to "juice you up". It is emotional, spiritual and sexual in nature, and will amplify motivation and satisfaction in all areas of your life. It will effortlessly melt away shame, tension, resistance and begin to fill your areas of lack, deprivation and loss.

Does this seem like a tall order dear ones? It isn't from our perspective, as we enjoy this energy each day. It is indeed part of our being, intention, and purpose in life to enjoy other magical beings, the beauty of other souls, and in your case perhaps, it is time to start enjoying each other more as sensual, beautiful "beings" rather than as physical objects of either youth, athletic stance or performance related attributes.

Really tune into those beings who radiate love and light, who radiate sensual qualities as a natural part of their being "all of the time" rather than just in instances where it is needed for seduction or manipulation. We are inviting you all to become this radiance of love and to seek it out in others. The "thought" of them as a "spirit" will fill you with inspiration and joy, and this in turn will ignite the energies we will be instilling into you, as physical desire as you have not yet experienced it! Are you excited? Intriqued? Ready to begin? Very well.

In the safe, quiet, sunny, snuggly place you pick, take deep breaths and actually feel the tension run out of you instantly. Repeat, until you feel like a melted puddle of relaxation and security.
Now, "intend" for a connection with us to begin, then to initiate through your chrown chakra (top of your head), and run through you trickling between all your complexities as fresh spring water. Really feel and allow us to super charge your energy body, and as we do this, your physical and spiritual selves will awaken fully.

This is a process which we invite you to repeat each day, for 9 days, and also repeat this intention right before you go to bed. Think something like "I fully intend to allow the angels, and the Pleiadian Council of 9 to supercharge my emotional, spiritual and sexual circuits as I sleep. I trust, allow and am grateful for this assistance."

After 9 days, take an audit of how you feel, and note if there are any differences. If not, purify your intention and belief, try it again for another 9 days, and then see. We are confident you won't need many "courses" of this powerful medicine. It is rather potent and efficient.

That is all for now, dear ones. Please begin your "homework" as soon as it is possible.

With great love, support and enCOURAGEment,
The Pleiadian Council of 9
via EVE Featherstone

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