Thursday, October 6, 2011

Channel, Pleiadian, Attrition Examined, 10-6-2011

at·tri·tion Noun/əˈtriSHən/
1. The action or process of gradually reducing the strength or effectiveness of someone or something through sustained attack or pressure.

2. [Middle English attricioun, from Medieval Latin attrition-, attritio, from Latin] : sorrow for one's sins that arises from a motive other than that of the love of God

Greetings, this is the Pleiadian Council of Nine, and we are pleased to visit with you on another subject of fundamental human existance.

Motives. What motivates, you, dear ones? How has what motivates you changed over your lifetime? It is our observation that as newborn humans you find yourself suddenly disconnected from Source energy and in a much more dense environment than being non-physical. You are simply taking in your environment via your rather limited physical senses. Not very good vision, mostly the tone of voice, touch, and the feel of blankets and temperature. You connect with your mother via breast, and you are held with great care and much care and attention is given to you until you adapt to your new human condition.

Next, you are motivated by constant interaction via sound, touch, and understanding the other humans around you. You are very interested in their facial expressions, tone of voice, and constantly practicing sounds and ways of interraction with them. The other humans are very interested in interracting with you too. You are fed new foods with different textures and tastes, and you make messes at will, fill your diapers at will, sleep, laugh, play, observe with no limits or guidance, just the natual rhythms of your physical needs guiding your actions.

Bodily functions, natural vocal expressions, and making messes are suddenly and sternly enforced in the next phase of your adaptation. You are told you are good, or "no" as a part of the guidance. The tone of voice is used frequently to guide you, and you are more able to perceive other nuances from your other humans at this time. You are made to feel very very good or as if you may have been the source of quite a myriad of displeasure when you make messes, refuse to curb your enthusiasm, and bodily functions are now hidden behind closed doors, and you strive to get all of these things right in the quest for the feeling of acceptance, love and the tone of voice you receive from others.

We see you all never really belonging or feeling accepted thereafter, as you climb the never ending steps through education, and your exhuberance is continually channeled towards "constructive" endeavors, and even your play is now measured by keeping score and performance as a competition with other children. It becomes harder and harder to receive the tone of voice you prefer and the touch you require.

The disconnection is built slowly, but it is indeed built, and most people feel they are out in the world alone, and are competing with others, even family members to achieve any acceptance or praise in more structured systems and hierarchy's. Eventually, what will you do to achieve acceptance and approval from these hierarchy's? How far will you go? What will you sacrifice? If competition is normal, does it matter if you diminish others in the process of achievement?

Where did the touch go? Are you satisfied with the frequency, quality, duration and intention of the touch you receive now?

We notice you plugging into all manner of vices and activities which are attempts to achieve acceptance, touch and love. It is the quest for connection, once again, but you have been separated from the simple way of just "being" connected naturally, as you once were as an infant.
After engaging in these rather normal vices, you are not pleased with yourself. You are not satisfied, and you feel more displeasure at the notion that you are never satisfied, never done, never loved fully, never loved unconditionally, but this is actually that you are never really connected in a real sense again to Source.

Connection to Source, post-human conditioning, is found through heart felt spirituality, connection with animals, earth, beauty, creation, and with children. Children are connected still, and so they then are an extension cord for you as well.

The ego is what is developed over time to cope with the competition, and adversity you encountered during your traditional human rearing. It is difficult to shed, and is deemed necessary to keep you from dangerous love relationships, and falling behind the pack as you believe everything is in shortage, and to keep your position, you must be superior.

Attrition is the deep, sometimes subconscious sorrow felt after all of the ways in which you behaved in order to succeed in this paradigm of present time human Earth existence. It is sorrow felt for motives which were not associated with Source. Not generous, not giving, not natural. Your intention, however was pure, in that you were seeking, via societal rules, connection, approval, acceptance, and a position to provide you with all you need to survive now, and into the future.

The time is now, to begin venting, purifying, shedding, disconnecting from all that you have had to do to hold a place for yourself in this society, on Earth, in this time and space juncture. Disconnecting from all the sorrow in your heart for false hopes, failed relationships, and constant resistance to just allowing, playing, being, having pleasure, and being generous.

Stop trying, allow, absorb, connect to Source through whichever means is easiest for you, and fill yourself back up with limitless acceptance and unconditional love. Make messes, be a human, and enjoy the beauty that is around you each day. It is the summer of your life.

We project to you, a deep feeling of forgiveness, light, and hope,
The Pleiadian Council of Nine
via Eve Featherstone

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