Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Channel, Chief White Cloud, Signs from your Guides, 10-19-2011

Hello to you all who are so successfully raising yourself higher and higher with grace, as frequency acceleration takes place on Earth as never before. I am Chief White Cloud, the primary guide for our Channel. I hold grounded, rational, yet shamanic space for her as she shifts ever so slightly to accommodate for all the individual subjects and sources of cosmic wisdom intended to serve humans currently on the path to ascension, enlightenment or purification.

Interfering is not allowed, but our channel is good at seeing signs along the road, and her interpretation is known by her heart, and is felt as a crystalline pure solution. Usually what is derived from the signs we provide humans is an assurance of the purity of your heart, an assurance of pure motive/intention, and a reassuring nod of approval, which many of you need quite frequently, especially when in strange territory.

Beginning soon, you will need to prepare for changes to your normal routine. We are in touch at anytime, provided you ask, intend, or give permission for instruction. Faith is what it is sometimes called, when you know you are being guided in trying situations. Faith is what is needed instead of ego, instead of any other security which is an illusion. Faith is not an illusion, but can be clouded or ruined by self-doubt, or "beating yourself up" when difficult situations arise. It is more important to stay focused and LOOK harder for the meaning, LOOK harder for the poetry, the message, the direction.

Absolutely every situation in your world has a poetic spin to it. Even the dark can be lightened by the light which meaning, irony, paradox or other familiar theme lend to the situation. Look for the meaning, the poetry, the themes, the paradox. Every sign we give is for encouragement and to show you something GOOD about YOU.

We never judge or invalidate. We only encourage, enrich, and enlighten. Our signs are simple and easy to apply or understand. Do not be cynical in difficult times. Being cynical only erodes meaning from a situation without yielding a better thought or feeling afterward. Stop negative thoughts, and LOOK HARDER for the signs your guides will certainly provide.

Sheparding Eve and her flock,
Chief White Cloud, Ascended Master
via EVE Featherstone

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