Thursday, October 20, 2011

Channel, High Consciousness Public Defenders, 10-20-2011

Infinitely patient, infinitely malleable, infinitely kind, infinitely spontaneous. These are the qualities of your true self. These are the qualities which everyone seeks in relationships of any kind. Why aren't you able to get all of these things nailed down? When a few are there, one or two of the others pop out of balance . . . the answer is because you yourself are not allowing yourself to BE these things. You yourself are not allowing yourself to treat yourself this way. Your inner chatter is not these things. Listen to, interrupt, stop, and begin again each phrase of your inner chatter. Correct your inner voice as many times as possible until your new default inner chatter says, "That's Ok", "You'll be fine", "It isn't about you", "You will solve this", "It is time for a change", "That sounds like fun", "How about doing this differently today?"

We are not named in this channel, and we do not seek to be, for we are simply the public defense for your spirit, who sometimes cannot speak for itself, and when it does, it isn't heard, because of various reasons. We speak this in your spirit's defense, now and forever more.

Many times, humans hear chatter from the astral plane, which is the collective consciousness of all humans who ever lived, and conventional wisdom, judgement, and persecution, all rolled into chaos within the mind of the individual who cannot hear his/her own inner wisdom speak.

We are from higher planes of consciousness, the Law of One, the over-souls of over-souls. We are indeed hard to hear, as you are distanced from us by the disconnection you have suffered as a species.

Clear the clutter, clear the chatter, clear the criticism, clear the doubt, clear the cautionary tales, clear the shame, clear the work ethic, clear the disdain for being loved as you have longed to be loved for hundreds of years. Love and be loved as you wish to be loved. Love yourself as you wish to be loved, unconditionally, patiently, comprehensively, without judgement, without shame, without a doubt. Allow yourself to be loved by others in this way. Do not push away affection, compliments of overt praise. Hold yourself as you are in the direct line of love and adoration. Hold yourself, so that you don't run away. Hold yourself as if you were the most precious thing in the Universe. Yes, we literally mean . . . hold yourself. :)

We are ending transmission.
Soften into your strength. Melt into your divinity. Give in to praise.

High Consciousness Public Defenders
via EVE Featherstone

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