Saturday, October 22, 2011

Channel, Concept of Purpose, 10-22-2011

Infiltrating your belief systems is a difficult matter for us. We wish to show you the light. We wish to show you beautiful colors instead of grey tones. We wish to exemplify your worthiness as an individual of great importance and specific value to those around you, and to highlight how each of you has a contribution to make to your Earth, humanity and the greater good of the cosmos.

We are the Concept of Purpose. We are the Concept of Radiance. We are the Concept of Higher Realms. We are responsible for the Conception in your heart of inspiration, creativity, freedom and joy. We do not wish to be named anything more specific than this. We are the seed of these things, and it is up to you to intend to germinate these Concepts. You have to be fertile ground for this.

We are sowing these seeds without shortage, without judgement, and without prejudice. We are One with you and your planet. We are One with other Beings of Light. The Conception of Concepts. Intend to receive our concepts with great ecstasy, delight, and joy. These Concepts hold great promise and are high potency. They will grow faster, stronger and brighter than anything you have seen. These are not ordinary, but extraordinary. Simply state to yourself, that you are not ordinary, that you are extraordinary, and we will see this as permission to engage your very own conception of your very own concept, which will bring your life, purpose and inspiration into ripeness. Sweet, satisfying, healthy and vital. These concepts will spring forth from you. Make the declaration of your extraordinary status and proceed with great delight in your own beingness.

--EVE Featherstone

conceptsplural of con·cept (Noun)
An abstract idea; a general notion.
A plan or intention; a conception.

The action of conceiving a child or of a child being conceived.
The forming or devising of a plan or idea.

realmsplural of realm (Noun)
A kingdom: "the peers of the realm".
A field or domain of activity or interest: "the realm of applied chemistry"; "it is beyond the realms of possibility".

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