Monday, November 14, 2011

Channel, Chief White Cloud, Connection by Ritual, 11-14-11

Hello to you, the readers, the seekers, the open. Hello to you, who have a sweet tooth for the mystical, ancient ritual, hidden truths and enjoy imagining buried treasure, lost magical artifacts, and mythical cities of gold. For your fertile imaginations and creative minds, I offer guidance and good news. I am Chief White Cloud, primary guide to EVE.

Touching upon the ancient mysteries of Earth is enough to interest many of you. Giving you secret symbols, golden keys and passwords of access to wisdom and the simple truths of the universe is enough to keep you interested. Sabotaging projects for you which you knew were doomed at the onset to free you of needless judgments and confining routines, will make you more joyous. Teaching you spirit rituals and crafts which will strengthen your connection to the infinite and abundant source of all that is, will enrich your existence.

We are in the realm of the Ascended Masters, and in the realm where your guides, angels and messengers reside in the non-physical. We, as beings of light, and high level consciousness, reach out our hands to you. We call to you, we send you gifts, we light your fires, we light your path, we attempt to return the light to your eyes. It is the rainbow after the rain. It is the light at the end of the tunnel. It is the dawn after night. It is the moment you never thought would come. Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

See the entrails of smoke rising from our smoldering campfires. We have staked out your dark days and nights. We have waited, and offered our assistance, our guidance, our love, during your trials and the tests of time.

Connect to your own spirit, by connecting with us, and connect with us, by creating a ritual which you enjoy. Incense, candles, campfires, staring into the evening or morning sun, lying on a sun warmed rock, leaning against a majestic tree . . . intend to connect with us and you will.
Do nothing and you will be blazing an unknown and difficult trail. Do nothing and you will continue a life similar to what you have now, no judgment from us. We only wish to assist and witness your awakening to the greatness of that which you truly are, apart from the trappings of a society which has become lost to wisdom and direction.

Feel us in the distance, hear us in your ear, hear us in emotion, except for that of fear.

Chief White Cloud,
via EVE Featherstone

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