Sunday, November 13, 2011

Channel, Sirian Council of Eight, 11-13-11

Greetings to all of you within vibrational range of our intentions and geometric fields of light. More and more of you have raised your vibration in this last year, and this month we have seen a large spike in the levels you have attained. Well done. It was indeed a motivating month.

Individual fluctuations within your groups are as expected, and in your groups you observe this natural undulation of emotions, decisions, goals and abilities. You are now beginning to understand what it is like to be a unique part of a specific range of high vibration consciousness. You shift, you adjust, you accommodate, you cull, you allow, you learn, you teach, you see the light in each others eyes and hearts.

This is the new slip stream of movement from where you were to where you will be now, in the new golden age. You are on the leading edge, and you appear to us as stable and safe, but you are feeling every little bump and ripple at times. Other times you glide along in bliss and you make great gains in both of these scenarios. You are indeed gliding through the higher energies which you have attained, and we wish to commend you on your progress.

Your thought patterns will become more and more mechanized feeling as you hold these higher levels of consciousness, and you will be more detached and indifferent to certain situations which used to effect you more deeply. You are in the overview mode. It is preferable to being in the thick of things. Keep your wings out, and your focus on the horizon. Horizontal is the key to a comfortable vertical climb. It wouldn't feel natural or good to go up vertically. Imagine a gradual spiral, so gradual you don't notice you are spiraling upwards.

Our terms are always components of thought rather than literal, and we are always here to assist you intellectually as well as charge your light grids as needed, so you may remain an integral part of Gaia's new energy grid as well as a compatible component of our extra dimensional light grids. There are many, but we are experts in layering and configuring just the right combination for every situation. You need only remain open, trusting, and indeed ask us for assistance in your meditations. You will see our messages with your third eye as simple, rather crude images in grey tones. They are suggestions of concepts you already possess to allow you to understand that which we are attempting to convey.

We'll be with you in thought and meditation upon your approval,
The Sirian Council of Eight,
Via EVE Featherstone

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