Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Channel, Chief White Cloud, A Practical Gift, 11-29-11

You are surrounded by love everywhere you are, but you insist on believing you are in an inhospitable environment. I am Chief White Cloud, primary guide for EVE.

Any time you find yourself in a negative situation, and you feel your physical body and your heart react to it, simply know you are out of your territory, and ease out of it. Often, sanctuary is around the corner, literally. The circumstances are irrelevant, and people are irrelevant, and the timing is irrelevant. For nothing you see or no other person you know is a 2 dimensional being or landscape. Everything, including yourself exists in many dimensions at once.

Earth is ascending now. People are ascending now. Everything is shifting in multiple little ascensions as well as big steps of ascension. Sometimes it is together that you are ascending. Sometimes it is alone. Detachment from others during your rough ascensions is natural, and they will be there waiting on the other side if they are meant to be. If not, well, then they have chosen on a soul level to go to a different matching dimension which fits them and not you, and you will find yourself with others like yourself, and others who are higher vibration than yourself. You are to recognize those who seem like angels, who are there to guide, hold, carry you for a little bit, and then allow yourself to realize the negativity was an illusion.

More and more now you will find yourself able to quickly forget and move on from situations which were quite turbulent. You won't dwell on them, and you will even forget the details. This is as it should be. Allow yourself to start over again and again with a fresh optimistic cargo of light each day, and know you are infinitely supported by those of us in the non-physical realm who are here to assist and provide you with bridges to impassible* zones. Not too long ago, you believed it was impossible*** and impassable** to reach the impassible*, but yet, here you are, right now, realizing the slight and meaningful differences between the three. You only knew impossible before now.

*im·pas·si·ble (m-ps-bl)adj.
1. Not subject to suffering, pain, or harm.
2. Unfeeling; impassive.

**im·pass·a·ble (m-ps-bl)
adj.Impossible to pass, cross, or overcome: impassable roads; impassable problems.

***im·pos·si·ble (m-ps-bl)adj.
1. Incapable of having existence or of occurring.
2. Not capable of being accomplished: an impossible goal.
3. Unacceptable; intolerable: impossible behavior.
4. Extremely difficult to deal with or tolerate: an impossible child; an impossible situation.

I have just shown you all how to change impassable and impossible to impassible. I have used your own language, your own meanings, in black and white, and shown you how to use them to your advantage anytime you wish. You must change the definitions in your head from traditional, old technology, to the new technology of magic and light. It has always been hidden from you by conventional wisdom, hidden from you by the chatter and declarations of so many generations before, but yet, here it is, current, new and applicable.

Christ Consciousness is here, and you may transcend everything undesirable by forgiveness and love. When you realize every unfortunate circumstance or hurtful aspects of other humans are but a fraction of who they are, in that snapshot, in that second of all that is, and realize everything and all people are the same, you will learn to allow for undulation, experimentation, adjustments, detoxification, realignment, and rough ascensions. You are living in a dense, dynamic plane, and you can transcend it at will using the concepts in this essay. Be patient, the meaning, the forgiveness, the magic is just around the corner.

As a patient umbrella of resources for you,
Chief White Cloud,
via EVE Featherstone

prac·ti·cal (prkt-kl) adj.
1. Of, relating to, governed by, or acquired through practice or action, rather than theory, speculation, or ideals: gained practical experience of sailing as a deck hand.
2. Manifested in or involving practice: practical applications of calculus.
3. Actually engaged in a specified occupation or a certain kind of work; practicing.
4. Capable of or suitable to being used or put into effect; useful: practical knowledge of Japanese. See Usage Note at practicable.
5. Concerned with the production or operation of something useful: Woodworking is a practical art.
6. Level-headed, efficient, and unspeculative.
7. Being actually so in almost every respect; virtual

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