Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Channel, Chief White Cloud, On Ego, 11-30-11

Greetings to you all, I am ascended master Chief White Cloud, primary guide of EVE. Profound are realizations gleaned from confusion, or gleaned from a strange path with hidden clues. It is the puzzle solved. It is the satisfaction so many seek. It is the answer so many ask for. It is the obstacle on so many impassable routes to love and success. It is EGO.

Those who study zen or the Tao, understand the ego well. Those who suffer don't realize what is and what isn't the ego. Here I will offer no dictionary definition for ego, as it will only confuse you more. Here I will give you more clues as to when you are serving ego and when you are serving love. Once again, we must utilize the similar yet very different words impassable and impassible. Now, here are the clues:

You are serving ego if you:

Feeling misunderstood or blamed for something you didn't do
Blaming someone else for your own undesirable feelings
Jealous because of assumptions made by yourself
Jealous because of assumptions made by others
Feeling as if you need to dress better or look better
Feeling as if others look better or are more powerful than you
You cannot bear the ego of someone else
Feeling envious of others
Feeling embarrassed by yourself or others with you
Caring what others think more than about what you think
Feeling as if you need to be correct or prevail
Need to prevail or be outwardly successful
Feel competitive
Feeling different than others around you
Afraid to meet people
You insist on keeping score

You are serving love if you:

Allow yourself to detach and observe others without feeling hurt, envious or inferior
Allow yourself to detach and observe others without feeling superior, or dominant
Allow yourself to have symptoms or expression of ego waged against you without rage, hurt or blame
Let anger or other aggressive behavior wash over you without reaction
Allowing any unexpressed reactions by your body to subside without action or verbal representation
Feeling unity
Feeling similar to others around you
Excited to meet people

Long term relationships and friendships, even lifelong ones, are possible if ego isn't present after short or long term separation for any reason. If ego is present at the moment of separation for any reason, or arises later, the relationship or friendship is doomed.

It is natural for these feelings to rise up for a short time, but if you do not act on them, recognize them for ego, and wait for them to subside, you may avoid negative outcome.

There is no need to begin or maintain an acquaintance with anyone who shows signs of ego. You may dismiss them at anytime. This is simply an indicator of your own ego, which is, in effect, the only thing you have control over. If you have no control over your own ego, it is paramount to begin to understand, identify and dissolve these tendencies immediately to stay in high vibration and to attract those who also have identified and dissolved their own negative ego tendencies.

If you choose not to do this, you will continue to attract the same people you are attracting now and in the past. You will always be surrounded by those who will engage competitively with you if you do not release your ego and become as one with kind, thoughtful beings who have already learned how much easier and conflict-free their lives have become without ego tendencies.

Games do not even need to be competitive. Your recreation can be entirely play if you wish it to be so, and in doing this, you amplify joy and dissolve resentment and all players retain and grow self esteem, joy and satisfaction. The very cells of your body will glow in the absence of competition, as you will be engaged in a unified circuit of joy with another or others. Existing with ego-free people could even mean competition would be the lightest and only drama you would ever have in your life, so you could choose to have this game of competition to add interest and a dynamic spin to your game. It would be a joyful, laughter filled competition with no resentment, only respect and smiles.

Feel free to play at this immediately.

Chief White Cloud
via EVE Featherstone

gleaned past participle, past tense of glean (Verb)Verb:
Extract (information) from various sources.
Collect gradually and bit by bit.

Impossible to travel along or over.

im·pas·si·ble (m-ps-bl)adj.
1. Not subject to suffering, pain, or harm.
2. Unfeeling; impassive.

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