Thursday, December 1, 2011

Channel, Whheeesshh!, Praise, 12-1-11

Inferior feelings are a sign of inadequate amounts of praise from others. You are having to stage events, market yourself and pop up here and there as this person and that, testing the waters for praise-rich situations. It is not befitting your true grandeur to be wasting your valuable time here on Earth doing such futile exercises, but human culture is riddled with praise held back for special occasions, and even then, sometimes praise is not gotten. Forgotten birthdays are a good example of special occasion praise which is not received as expected. Women always notice when no one notices changes they have made to their appearance, and it isn't enough that the change made them happy or that it was an act of creativity and expression, they need it validated by others for it to be real. Men of course often posture to great lengths hoping for praise and their efforts may be taken for granted or expected, so, once again, no praise is lavished upon them.

It is the little things you do, your natural behaviors and strengths that would benefit you greatly if you were just aware of them. These are the things other people REALLY like about you, they aren't special occasion at all. They are everyday things which make each of you invaluable. So, notice and express these everyday gifts from others in your life, so they may know and benefit from unexpected praise.

Today or tomorrow, practice lavishing people with praise. Anyone. See how it lights them up, and see how it makes you feel to simply express a nice thought you were thinking about someone anyway. It works best with someone you work with often or live with or someone in your family. Just for this exercise, keep it within familiar territory.

The whole world would be more efficient if people weren't constantly second guessing themselves. It is my intention to interject a simple tool for adding more light and joy into your everyday lives now. Please praise each other more often.

I am Whheeesshh! I embody nothing, I am not an identifiable entity in human terms, but I seek to fill you more full of expansive lightness, joy, and add spaciousness to constricted portions of your culture and relationships.

Good day,
via EVE Featherstone

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