Monday, November 21, 2011

Channel, Master Kuthumi, 11-21-11

What does it mean to be in Christ Consciousness, in the common area of the vesica pisces, or in the time expanse after October 28, 2011? I am Master Kuthumi. I have revealed myself this past week as one of EVE's primary guides. I seek to explain, and illuminate your understanding of this matter.

Feeling as you do, it is difficult to imagine or acknowledge that your circumstances are now that different, and indeed, if you do not acknowledge them to be different, your situation will cast itself indefinitely in the same direction, or indeed the same trajectory will be in place as always. Is this what you want for yourself? Are you ready for everything to be different? You may ask how much baggage can you take on this journey, and I say to you, lifeforms, other than yourself are always and remain to be variable in their progression with you on your journey. With regards to loved ones, pets, children, and the like, no need to worry, as this portal does not mean disconnection with those dear to you.

It is you who will change, and the lifeforms which accompany you now, may or may not respond to you the same, or you may or may not recognize or notice them to the extent you did before. They may seem more disconnected, or in fact may become more cherished by you than ever before. It is all your choice, but the lifeforms themselves also play by the freewill rules, and they will be making their own choices as well. No one is in fact completely responsible for another life form. You are only sharing realities for various lengths of Earth space/time and to varying degrees of depth from your heart and spirit. Forgive yourself, free yourself from needless guilt and self punishment for wronging others or not meeting your own expectations of behavior. In some ways you cannot help your behavior. For reasons you may not realize, your attentions, priorities, and energy go where your passions are, and sometimes you no longer have passion for that which you may think you should.

Christ Consciousness is forgiveness, unconditional love, and a blossoming of the heart into the golden light coming from the central sun, your sun, and the 5th and 6th density beings showering you with love and light. As open as your heart is, you will receive love and light in direct ratio. Roses, rich jewel tones, intense pinks, gold, and the ambiance of Indian Summer are here for you to bathe in.

You have been set free, and you are forgiven. You are loved, and deserving of all the goodness in the universe. You are not the roles you have played. You are not the careers you have worked for. You must return to solitude at times to allow enough peace and introspection to realize your true selves.

By allowing this worthiness, forgiveness, and innocence to engulf your heart, you may blossom as a radiant Earth angel. You will attract and keep all good things for yourself, and your life will become poetry. All you cherish will be revealed as love and gifts, and you will live in eternal gratitude and this is the key to holding yourself at this vibration.

Set up your own rituals, and practice being creators, gods and goddesses in your own sovereign realms. Allow yourself to be loved, and love in return, all you find around you at the present moment. You are in the midst of those who you are a vibrational match to at this time, and this will assist you in your growth


To be in the shared center of the vesica pisces means to be in a zone which transforms your DNA, allows you to slip between realities with ease, and puts you in a flux between other dimensions and your own. You will attain a lucid dream state. Your waking hours will resemble your dreams. Any bad dreams or low periods will be loosening and releasing negative baggage carried long before now, ready to be released without judgment at this time. Allow the angels to take this from you, and don't look back.

This center of the vesica pisces is where time and space are more flexible, and changed by the amount of light you allow in and radiate. The speed of your vibration is the same as the amount of light you embody, and this in turn will modulate time and space directly to serve you. The pace, the ease, and the choreographic quality of your life will amaze and delight you.

In this zone, you are as one with your third eye, or all seeing eye, and you may now practice new abilities you will suddenly possess, and rapidly learn, rapidly transform, rapidly regenerate and master much of what you have always wanted in this life.

You are in a grand arena of possibility and beauty. Don't ignore it, but allow yourself the grace to accept your new role as the person you've always wanted to be. Become that which you adore, and you will be adored by others. It is the law of the Universe.

With confidence, faith, and assistance always,
Master Kuthumi
via EVE Featherstone

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