Monday, November 14, 2011

Poem, Disguise Blind, 11-14-2011

Reconciliation past
new experiments at last
built upon interment of
vagrancies point focus up
away from duty, out of time,
free and innocent of crime
steeper still the incline is
focus harder strength is dim.

Over summit down the trail
resting not my service bears
holding to the fire of vision
indifferent of the sure collision
between two realms of reality bind
jarring sensible beliefs behind
tearing up the fabric lined
behind our feature disguise blind.

--EVE Featherstone

interment [ɪnˈtɜːmənt] n burial, esp with ceremonial rites

va·gran·cy (vgrn-s) n. pl. va·gran·cies
a. The state of being a vagrant.
b. The conduct or mode of existence of a vagrant.
c. The offense of being a vagrant.
2. A wandering in mind or thought.

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