Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Poem, Skating Zipper, 11-15-11

Interwoven status quo
with cosmic focus on the go
both tracks contact circuit's toll
skating zipper two zones whole.

If I pick up one foot now
will it shock me arc bright show?
Should I alternate the contact
arcing each with jolt to truncate
bridge between the realms of both
offering all a taste of quotes
emanating from each place
shared realities from each face?

--EVE Featherstone

trun·cate (trngkt) tr.v. trun·cat·ed, trun·cat·ing, trun·cates
1. To shorten by or as if by cutting off. See Synonyms at shorten.
2. To shorten (a number) by dropping one or more digits after the decimal point.
3. To replace (the edge of a crystal) with a plane face.

emanating present participle of em·a·nate (Verb)
Verb: Issue or spread out from (a source): "warmth emanated from the fireplace"; "she felt charm emanating from him".
Originate from; be produced by.

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