Friday, November 4, 2011

Poem, Emotional Dishonesty, 11-4-2011

Are women good?
Are women bad?
Is there a blade
which cuts to the sad
judgment and morals
themselves a true evil
calling out honest
reflections upheaval?

Are love giving women
shameful or free?
Are withheld emotions
Do good women save it all
until it goes bad?
Do men feel lost about
which way to stab?

Are men in vain wanting
what they can't have?
Do women give from the heart
just as salve
to smooth over rough patches
just to get by
dreaming of rescue
from duty and lies?

If judgement was equaled
between men and women
would emotions thrill
and honesty thicken?
Would teamwork be real
and passion be honored?
Would cheating be still
and nudity flaunted?

As a woman who is not to be
battered and ridden
nor argued with often
and truths forced or hidden
able to be in peace
such as it is
or ridiculed simply
for failing the quiz?

Wisdom is obvious
sex is more veiled
each is not worthy
of being impaled
by patriarchal
judgments forayed
spoiling the garden
thickening the haze.

--EVE Featherstone

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