Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Poem, Reclaimed from Shame, 11-22-11

Finding a reason to change is now here
choosing to curb how routine would adhere
choosing your life instead of a schedule
choosing to live within consciousness equal
to realms of immortals and gods who now seek you
to feel your primordial reason for living
standing on rubble of ego and reason
see the view here is as silent as death
see the new growth ever wanting to spread
see the sun welcome your heart to its side
ride the free effortless carpet with pride
you are the one who it sought to reclaim
you are the one who it bought with your shame
you are the one who stood lost and denied
you are the one who could not ease your mind
you are the one who steps onto the hand
held out for you now in dreams which were planned.

Master Kuthumi,
via EVE Featherstone

*NOTE In one of Master Kuthumi's incarnations here on Earth, he was

Mughal King Shah Jahan who tried to stretch his empire over the entire Indian subcontinent and built the magnificent Taj Mahal

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