Thursday, December 15, 2011

Channel, Arcturian Council, Allowing Communication from Us, 12-15-11

Figuratively speaking, that which you need to know is always on tap, handed as you ask, and always for your highest good. Could be, that when needed, you have more voices in your head than you know what to do with. Our precision, directives, and motivation are hidden in raked piles of dead leaves which you call conventional wisdom. While once alive and vital, this information is best discarded to leave room for new growth when the timing is optimal.

We are the Arcturian Council of Nine, and we are particularly interested in stepping forth now, as primary guides for those of you who seek order, and clear direction. Ignore the clutter of other's opinions and chatter. Close your eyes and look at the inside of your own eyelids for messages from us. Wait for the image, the color, the sign, and seek to find its meaning. We know each of you through your thoughts and vibration, and we know how you think as well. We supply you with images meant just for you, no other, so in other words, we know what you like. We know what will tip you off to the meaning we are communicating directly to your third eye.

Instinct is a department for other guides in this realm, but for us, we prefer to specialize in order, efficient progress and simple, clean concepts. Hear us now, and in the future, when you require guidance. Wait for us, wait for the answer, be open, seek solitude, peace, quiet, whatever it takes to lose the other voices. Relax in the bath, go for a run, sit on a bench, tune in while you're stuck in traffic, and have the intention to receive messages from us.

Be assured, the answers are more simple, cleanly cut, and are structured/framed differently than you have seen any solutions before. It will be easier for you with our guidance; this we promise.

The Arcturian Council of NINE
via EVE Featherstone

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