Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Channel, RA, Egyptian Sun God, 12-14-11

Infallible is what you all are at the very ethereal core of your Earthly selves. We want you to become laser focused on this truth. This is the only truth that exists, only it doesn't exist. The only truth in this universe does not exist in your 3D reality, but rather is in between all that you perceive as existing.

The greater of your populous will argue that what we are saying here is baseless, does not exist, and isn't the truth. Allow yourself to be flipped over, much as you would rotate a photo. There, now you see there is a different truth. It isn't framed as you would frame it, or as your culture would frame it, but that is why it is hidden from you. Your mind must be able to become proficient at rolling things around in the space of your third eye to see the truths of your existence.

Consciousness is the only thing that is real, and humans are proficient at eliminating it wherever they are able. They routinely snuff out the consciousness of animals, plants, Earth, and even the lower classes of fellow humans in the name of power, control, and money. The dollar sign in American culture is actually a symbol of Isis, and your persecutors use this to trick the public with symbolism and divert you from the consciousness of Isis, which is the 'giver of life'.

You have been under the rule of the 'sun' for sometime now, though not in it's purest form. It is the masculine influence, but now as been transformed into the source of encoding for you who have awakened to your divine selves, or those who seek to do this. Isis is associated with the moon, emotions, and the tamer of the masculine into a suitable partner for women.

Gaia, your Earth, is feminine, and your sun is Gaia's perfect partner in this project of ascension now. You will listen and obey your father and mother in this instance. Keep your feeble opinions to yourself, as they are formed out of nonsense, born of lies and diversions fed to you for 12,000 years. Feel your power, do not think it. Feel your direction, do not 'learn' about it. Feel your truths, do not accept the truths of others. Step out of the loop of life and death, and allow your body to respond to the coded messages of Gaia and the photons sent to you from the sun.

The sun is much more than you can imagine, and it is the source of your 3D existence. It processes Source energy into a physical, practical means for sustaining your planet, and its life. You see, the sun, and Isis (giver of life) are perfect partners here, and you shall no more disregard the divine nature of life, consciousness and vitality in yourselves or in that which surrounds you in the web of life.

Live by the wisdom of your consciousness, and know that it is a fine filter of truth. It is the only truth, and you must align yourselves with the only truth and forsake that which has been designed to distract you from progression, happiness, joy and ascension.

RA, Egyptian Sun God,
via EVE Featherstone

Adjective: Incapable of making mistakes or being wrong.
Never failing; always effective: "infallible cures".
Synonyms: unerring - inerrable - unfailing - sure - certain

e·the·re·al (-thîr-l) adj.
1. Characterized by lightness and insubstantiality; intangible.
2. Highly refined; delicate. See Synonyms at airy.
3.a. Of the celestial spheres; heavenly.
b. Not of this world; spiritual.
4. Chemistry Of or relating to ether.

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