Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Channel, Chief White Cloud, Instinct, 12-13-11

Instinct is your best friend now, and in the midst of the meltdown of all that used to suspend, uphold, support, and interest you, is an epic disconnection from it all. Let ideals and big picture topics engulf you. Play in the realm of the power and light, as it debuts here on Earth. You must hold the encoded messages sent from the sun, and you must hold the encoded messages pounded into the souls of your feet which shake your whole being into a rhythm and alignment with root chakra accuracy and decisive behavior.

You know now, you feel the wisdom, your heart beats with tribal fluency, and your gaze is disconnected and is an umbrella over the daily details of the system. You are immune to fear, judgement and pressure. You walk away from fights, you walk away from bluffs, you walk away from anything that isn't divine, just and progressive. You are the light, you are the next wave of change and inspiration to lead the Earth's awakened to the domes, the gateways, the hybrid lifestyle of the messengers and teachers of the near future.

To teach isn't enough now, you must live it, portray the new archetype, and be strong in conviction, impeccable with your words, and your actions must be in alignment with the New Eden and it's peace, harmony and abundance. Create, participate, and preempt the usual patterns, ways and beliefs of the followers and of those who seek to control the humans who are still asleep. Rise up now.

Chief White Cloud,
via EVE Featherstone

Verb: Take action in order to prevent (an event) from happening; forestall.
Noun: A preemptive bid.

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