Monday, December 5, 2011

Channel, Galactic Federation of Light, Prisoners of Earth, 12-5-11

If you could imagine a world where there wasn't a need for infatuation, where envy, jealousy, and competition didn't exist, where no one was interested in what rules you followed or to what extent you followed them, how would your life be different?

What if you made up your own rules?
What if you freely roamed without limitations on finances, time or fear?
What if you traveled in small groups, couples or by yourself in this same way?
What if you weren't concerned with boundaries such as your belongings, your room, your itinerary along the way?
What if you wandered with free passage and no need for tokens, currencies, passports or need to match up to your statistical existence?
What if it were never insinuated that you were doing something you shouldn't be doing?
What if you were known to be loved, pure, and welcomed everywhere with big natural smiles and limitless generosity?

You see how you are crippled from your freedom? Do you see how crippled you are from believing in your worthiness? Do you see how you are always needing to validate your existence time and time again? Do you feel as if you belong only one or two places and so keep a strong home base because of this? Do you see how this could blunt the potential of your growth in communication, understanding and enjoyment of your planet?

Have you noticed at times you don't even feel as if you belong within your own family? You feel you don't belong in your family due to lack of money, lack of time, lack of aligned goals, lack of meeting the vibration and expectation of your parents? Have you noticed your family doesn't belong to society due to a lack of money, lack of education, lack of government help, lack of an atmosphere of true relaxed family time with all your needs met without struggle?

We are presenting you with all of these questions, because we feel you don't realize the extent to which you are already captured in relative cells of containment for one reason or another. The chains are either a short chain of time, a short chain of money, a short chain of trust, a short chain of belief in yourself, or a short chain in other perceived vital resources. A short chain is lack. Lack is a lie. Lack is a manufactured prison so big you don't see it is a prison. You are even in a belief which prevents you from believing you are as one with us.

These beliefs are going to come to an end. They will come to an end abruptly for some and gradually for others. Even those who are ready for first contact are still bound silently and invisibly by some of the above situations, feeling they are only belonging truly with us, and not on your own home planet. Some belief that they don't belong at all with us, and cling desperately to Earth's sovereign solitude in the Universe.

Unity is a very expansive term, and we seek to expand your understanding of its expansiveness. We seek to free you from your chains of lack, and allow your consciousness to spread beyond your limitations so your reality will follow. Ask us for assistance, and we will comply.

First Contact Teams within

the Galactic Federation of Light,
via EVE Featherstone

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