Saturday, December 17, 2011

Channel, Master Kuthumi, Passion vs. Duty, 12-17-11

Ye who banish your own passions and needs while preserving duty and servitude are letting your life force leak out slowly, and so will feel the ravages of time. Ye who hold their emotions, passions and needs up close and personal, will not be able to ignore the guidance and wisdom born of the confrontation of these veritable tigers by the tail. You will live fully, and your energy will build in spirit, intellect, and you will remain vital and strong your whole life through. You will be immune to the fear of death and indifferent about how you change physically over time.

Wrangling passion and providing for your intimate as well as emotional needs is an Odyssey at times, but it yields richness, satisfaction and true wisdom. True wisdom,in it's own right, is a lifetime's greatest yield. Wisdom itself is the remembering and the shedding of nonsense. Nonsense is replaced by the beauty of divine and natural design. The elegance of the way of the universe, if unencumbered by the ego or intellect, inspires awe, and indeed inspires creation. Live by your heart, intuition and instinct. Give your consciousness the reigns. Live the life of a god or goddess. Go forth with strength, humor and adaptability. You were born for this.

Master Kuthumi,
via EVE Featherstone

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