Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Channel, Andromedans, Light Levels Now, 12-20-11

In the event you are not already on board with the changes happening now, in 2012, and beyond, let us stress the importance of shifting towards the light. We are the Andromedans, and we want to bring into focus that which is before you now in this time and space.

You, as scientifically aware humans, know because of your physicists, the standards of your time regarding physics. In particular we are referring to the notion of time and space adjusting themselves in proportion to the speed of light. We will add to this, the notion of the amount of light in each of you which speeds up your vibration. Your lives, will directly snap into alignment with the amount of light which you hold.

You may choose to increase the amount of light you hold by increasing your connections with all of us, God, Source, Christ Consciousness, or any other god you find more natural and enjoyable (i.e. RA, Isis, Neptune, Athena, Vishnu, Shiva, Devi, Ganesha, etc.) We are not gods, but we are very high vibration light beings, and we may or may not be more natural, and effortless to connect with. The Angelic realm are the most natural and easy if you have resistance to the others. The Angelic realm is a vast array of beings, each with specialties, and so you may be very specific.

In absence of this, we encourage you to frequently feed your spirit and mind with those who are more familiar to you. These humans are teachers, and are available easily to you through video presentations. Take that which you understand and can implement and disregard the rest. Look for simple truths which ring clear in your heart. You needn't believe completely in any one set of ideas. Unification is key, and all who are for the light are unified at the highest levels, so you cannot malfunction in your quest for spirituality and connection. You will be guided.

You may now fully intend to have time and space snap into place to serve you in your purpose and even just in the purpose of living a joyful, creative life. A joyful, creative life is not boring. It is a state of infinite potential, daily magic, awe inspiring order, and timing. It will present at just the right time, that which holds your interest and serves you best. You will attain your dreams and ideals provided you routinely be present in gratitude for increments of each as they arise. You must be on the lookout for these levels of ascension and gifts designed just for you by your intention and soul purpose.

If you choose not to increase the light in your lives now, you may expect much of what you've already experienced. If you are not happy with the patterns in your life so far, you would be well served to shift your course. There is no judgment, only love and support.

In service to all,
The Andromedans
via EVE Featherstone

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