Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Channel, Alpha Centaurians, Wake-up Call, 1-18-12

Considered by many to be insolent*, we are the Alpha Centaurians. We greet you this day with concern and abject** judicious urgency. You are in the middle of a cosmic event, and you behave still as if stuck in a boring, tedious dream.

Fulfill your objectives at once. You reincarnated here, NOW, for a reason, and it isn't to make sure your glasses don't have spots or that you didn't meet your ridiculous quota. Your cosmic quotas aren't being met now, my friends. We are standing by, guarding, apprehending that which we can to assist and facilitate your progress, but still you sleep. The way is cleared, the stage is set, your whole life has led to this, but still you hide in your facts and figures, and you doubt and you mistrust, and you worry. This nonsense is all that you would find in a restless bad dream.

Even those of you who are happy spend your days having your time used by others for their schedules, goals and aspirations. Aspirations which aren't real, only markers on the path of mediocrity and your economic systems stranglehold on your behavior. Even more dismal is the stranglehold economic system has on your creativity, power and connection to planes which offer far less resistance and far greater, effortless progress. Hook yourself up to this! Detach from your listless, detail filled lives, your lists, your bargains, your scheming, your shattered dreams. Detach!

Send everyone home who is tethered to you and by you and take responsibility for your own lives. You are gods and godesses! Every one of your women is exotic, yet they are buried in details, roles, shame, and duty. Each one of your men is flaccid in his watching of meaningless games and goals. Each man has present time glory and the wings of the immortal to take him to freedom and disconnect him from tyranny, but he remains in ego, or remains in front of the television being fed nonsense, thinking nonsense, and working towards nonsensical things. Wake up!

Wake up to your extraordinary senses, physical prowess and be alive! Stop eating death, thinking death, being checked for possible signs of death. Eat living, vital food! Starve yourself from commercial poisons and the lethargy they create within each of you. Wake up to ecstasy, freedom, and enjoy fleeing your captors, your prisons, your suburbs! Be fierce! Be bold! Be disobedient! Be your own, authentic promising selves!

We are the Alpha Centaurians, and we offer this message to you as an option of free will, but we highly suggest you comply, and quickly. You have slept way to long as it is.

Alpha Centaurians,
via EVE Featherstone

Adjective: Showing a rude or arrogant lack of respect.

Adjective: (of a situation or condition) Extremely bad, unpleasant, and degrading.
(of an unhappy state of mind) Experienced to the maximum degree.

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